July 27 2024
Obedience & Rally Trials

Premium not available yet.  

Click HERE to go to the MBDTC website.


pay by paypal

If you choose to use paypal to pay your fees, please include an additional convenience fee of $3/dog.  Much appreciated!

The giant button below will take you to PayPal to pay your fees. 

There, you will enter your total fees amount where it says "Price Per Item" (and leave the Quantity at 1).  Your name in the description field would be awesome.

After you submit the above info, you will be asked if you wish to pay using a paypal account or using a credit card, meaning you do NOT have to have a paypal account to play.

Overpayments of less than $15 will not be refunded unless requested.

If the button doesn't work for you, go to the paypal website where you can directly "send money" to