STANDINGCorner stretch (also can be done in door frame)Wall stand one, twoSit StandHeelToe Lifts LateralLegSwing one (LONG), twoHigh KneeStep over stick one, twoStair tappingHiya (future)
SEATEDSunflowerKayakFishing Trip (LONG)
LYING DOWNBridgeTorso TwistBar over head
NO VIDEOS YET:Clock appSuperman (chin down)Fire hydrants (side and back)Bird dog (opposite arm/leg, straight leg)Book opening up, torso twistHip flexor stretch, off end of tableHamstring stretch (sitting)Rock City Boxing (jab, uppercut, elbow cut)

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Jan 15-17, 2022

MBDTC obed/rally

July 29, 2023